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Which is easier to live or to die? Though most of us afraid of death but there are some situations in our lives which make us believe that death is preferable than life. Drousam a common villager from village Pangkhua came to know that he had cancer. Without any medication he fought with the disease for two years. It was his mental strength that kept him alive; however in 2002 he lost to cancer and died. He left behind his wife and only beloved daughter Fenenpar Pangkhua who was almost two month old. Drousam had nothing left for his wife and child without ‘poverty’.


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The Wall of Prevention

the wall of preventionstory

Malaria is one of the major public health hazards in Bangladesh. There are 64 districts in Bangladesh and 13 of them are identified as malaria prone areas. Compassion Bangladesh has 26 projects in 7 of those districts. Around 13.3 million people in these areas are in high risk. Our children, their families and local community are at the edge of getting malaria. High risk of malaria became a great concern for Compassion Bangladesh. The families in those areas have hardly…

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Suku Bhuiya felt unbearable pain on her abdomen. The stitches broke and she couldn’t stop bleeding with her hands. Few days back, Suku had a Caesarean section (surgery) and delivered a baby boy. There were numbers of stitches on her abdominal section. Doctor advised her to avoid heavy work and carry any heavy things. Suku didn’t realize the importance of staying safe after surgery and involved in heavy household works. She did it several times and it became a life threat for her. She was crying…

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